The Easy Button for your Vendor Review Process.

Transform into a key player for your team by expertly reviewing vendors and assessing their risk scores. Offer solid proof to auditors with our system that boosts your position, enabling you to make well-informed and accurate decisions effortlessly. This approach ensures vendor reviews are not only thorough but also straightforward, enhancing your ability to contribute significantly.


Over 500,000 Vendors in our Database and Growing

We’ve carefully reviewed more than 500,000 privacy policies, breaking them down into essential insights to improve your assessment of vendor fraud risks. This approach saves you precious time and effort, leading to a faster and more precise evaluation process.

About Us

Software Your Business Needs to Thrive is the ultimate tool for boosting your business’s readiness for audits and simplifying contract renewals. It provides complete support for staying compliant and effectively managing vendor relationships, crucial for your business’s success and ongoing growth.

Our Features

Dependable Software That Helps You Get More Done

Audit ready evidence Guaranteed

Vendor Outreach

We make your compliance process easier by sending vendors the required forms, gathering their replies, and putting together a clear report for you. Forget about the mess of spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes. We handle all the tracking, leading to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Audit Ready


Our service provides a report ready for audits like SOC2, ISO9000, or any other audit requiring a detailed Vendor Review. This makes sure you’re fully prepared with all the needed documents, making compliance easier and your audit preparations smoother.

Contract Renewal lets you easily upload your vendor contracts and alerts you about expiration dates and automatic renewals. This helps prevent unwanted renewals and expensive penalties, ensuring you keep control and efficiency in managing your contracts.

How it works

Take Control of Your Vendor Review Processes With our Vendor Review Automation by PPGS


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Upload your vendor list, set the risk and criticality levels just once, and relish a simplified, more efficient approach to managing your vendor review process.



No more time-consuming tasks of individually chasing down vendors to complete necessary forms for compliance. Our software automates reminders and securely stores their responses, saving you and your vendors countless hours in preparation for your next audit.


Get your Report

Get Your Audit-Ready Report: One comprehensive document containing all your critical vendor data, complete with risk assessment evidence, tailored for your auditor. This standardized report saves both you and your auditor time and frustration, presenting all relevant information in a clear and organized manner.

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Reviews From Clients made our SOC2 compliance process a breeze. The streamlined vendor reviews and detailed reports were invaluable.

Clara Jhon Client

Preparing for our SOC2 audit was stress-free thanks to Their organized and thorough vendor assessments were exactly what we needed.

Lisa Pepper Client

Navigating government compliance became so much easier with Their tailored approach to vendor risk management is top-notch

Wanda Frans Client

With, contract renewals have never been easier to manage. The automatic alerts and detailed contract overviews are incredibly helpful.

Natalie Yon Client

For ISO9000 compliance, was a game-changer. It simplified our vendor evaluations and significantly improved our efficiency.

Winston Will Client

The contract renewal notifications from are a lifesaver. We've avoided unwanted renewals and stayed on top of our contracts effortlessly.

Potts Lucas Client


Frequently Asked Questions

VendorReview is a software solution to streamline your vendor review process. We are the "Easy button" for managing and evaluating your vendor relationships effectively. Empower your team members by enabling them to skillfully determine vendor risk scores and provide comprehensive evidence to auditors. 

VendorReview enhances the decision-making process by providing a comprehensive and efficient system for evaluating and managing vendor relationships. Here's how it contributes to better decision-making:

VendorReview's system is characterized by several key features that streamline the vendor review process and enhance the decision-making capabilities of its users. The primary features include:

  1. Vendor Risk Score Determination: The system offers a robust mechanism to evaluate and assign risk scores to vendors, enabling organizations to quantify and manage the potential risks associated with each vendor effectively.

  2. Comprehensive Evidence Provision: VendorReview facilitates the collection and organization of comprehensive evidence related to vendor performance, compliance, and risk management. This feature ensures that all necessary documentation and data are readily available for audits and decision-making processes.

  3. Informed and Precise Decision-Making: VendorReview emphasizes the importance of informed and precise decisions. The system ensures that decisions regarding vendors are based on accurate, up-to-date information, aligning with the organization's risk appetite and strategic objectives.

  4. Ease of Use and Efficiency: The system is touted as the "Easy Button" for the vendor review process, highlighting our user-friendly interface and streamlined processes. This feature is aimed at saving time and resources, allowing users to focus on strategic tasks rather than administrative ones.

  5. Scheduled Reporting: VendorReview keeps on top of your vendors and provides you a scheduled report ensuring that you receive timely updates and insights regarding your  vendors' performance and risk status.

Use the Link below to schedule a quick zoom call to see if VendorReview is a good fit for you. 

The demo will give you an overview of how the software works so you can see if it is a good fit for you and your business. 

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