Who we are

At VendorReview.com, a product of PPGS Global LLC, managed by Rivercity Internet Group LLC and branded as PPGS™, we hold the privacy and security of our users in the highest regard. This Privacy Policy is diligently formulated to clearly convey the manner in which we manage and protect personal information collected via VendorReview.com.

Information Collection

We gather various personal data types, including:

  1. Identification Details: Name, phone number, email, and postal address.
  2. Account Information: Usernames, passwords, and security question responses.
  3. Financial Data: Credit card and bank details, billing addresses, and transaction records.
  4. Professional Information: Employment details and job titles.
  5. Technical Data: IP addresses, device specifics, browser types, cookies, logs, and geographical location data.
  6. Usage Metrics: Browsing history, time spent on pages, search queries, and referring URLs.
  7. Communication Logs: Emails, chats, customer service interactions, survey feedback, reviews, and testimonials.
  8. Social Media Insights: Profile information from social networks.

Methods of Data Collection

Data is collected through:

a. Direct User Input: Via account setups, forms, surveys, emails, calls, and in-person. b. Automated Means: Through cookies, logs, and analytical tools like Google Analytics. c. Third-Party Sources: Including social media, partners, and public databases. d. User-Generated Content: Reviews, forum posts, and social media interactions. e. Offline Channels: Physical data collection at our facilities.

Usage of Collected Information

We utilize this data for:

a. Primary Services: Supporting clients, managing accounts, and processing reviews. b. Secondary Purposes: Marketing our and our partners’ products. c. Automated Decision-Making: Segmenting users based on their provided information.

User Data Rights

Users may access, modify, or request deletion of their data by contacting care@rcig.net. Currently, we don’t offer opt-out options for certain data practices.

Non-Disclosure to Third Parties

We maintain the confidentiality of user data and do not share it with external parties.

Security Measures

Our security protocols include:

a. Data Encryption: During transmission and storage. b. Access Control: Limited to essential personnel, using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. c. Network Security: Firewalls, regular updates, and traffic monitoring. d. Remote Access: Secured through VPNs and frequent software updates. e. Vulnerability Management: Regular assessments, penetration testing, and secure data disposal. f. Employee Training: On privacy and security practices. g. Vendor Assessments: Reviewing external security measures. h. Data Minimization and Privacy Tech: Reducing data retention and enhancing privacy.

Data Retention and Disposal

Data is retained as required and securely disposed of upon request.

Policy Modification Alerts

Significant policy changes will be communicated via email, website updates, or postal mail as per client agreements.

International Data Transfers

We do not engage in international data transfers.

Legal Compliance

We adhere to privacy laws like HIPAA and encourage consulting with legal advisors to ensure this policy aligns with all applicable regulations.

Data Deletion upon Service Termination

At VendorReview.com, we respect the privacy and control our users have over their data. In accordance with this principle:

  • Upon the termination of services with VendorReview.com, all personal data entered into our systems by the user will be deleted. This encompasses all user-provided information and any derived data stored in our systems.

2. Retention of Customer Records

Despite the deletion of personal data:

  • We will retain customer records in our systems indefinitely for archival purposes. These records include essential customer details necessary for historical analysis, legal compliance, and business continuity. However, they will not contain the personal data that has been deleted upon service termination.

3. Notification and Opt-out in Case of Data Sale

In the event of a potential sale of data:

  • If there ever arises a scenario where PPGS considers the sale of user data, users will be notified prior to any such transaction. This notification will clearly explain the nature of the sale and its implications.
  • Users will be given the opportunity to opt out of this sale, ensuring that their personal data is not included in any such transaction.

4. Restriction on Data Sales

To further ensure the protection of user data:

  • The sale of user data will be strictly limited to scenarios involving the sale or merger of the company. In such cases, the sale or transfer of data will be conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring the continued protection of user data.

5. Compliance and Review

  • This policy will be reviewed and updated periodically to remain compliant with relevant laws and to reflect any changes in our data management practices.
  • Users are encouraged to review this policy regularly to stay informed about how their data is protected at VendorReview.com.